Asia is an important part of the crypto community, and the Asia Crypto Week, which will be held in Hong Kong on 11-17 March 2019, is expected will make a change to the bear crypto market

The week-long event will bring together several well-known projects, thinkers in the blockchain industry, investors, successful developers and executives of C-suite companies to unite the crypto global ecosystem and discuss the growth of the blockchain industry.

The Asia Crypto Week itself provides opportunities for as much networking as possible with fellow industry players and also joins special meetings that will be held throughout events such as hackathons and networking events. The event also presents speakers of thousands of experts and interested people to share their knowledge and experiences. Hong Kong can be said to be the ideal place for Asia Crypto Week because Hong Kong is a place for people to hold projects, carry out crypto trading activities and the biggest blockchain funding also comes from Hong Kong.

The event also featured more than 30 events organized by leading crypto projects and will also be attended by major thinkers from the blockchain industry such as Justin Sun from Tron, Charlie Lee from Litecoin, Mance Harmon from Hashgraph, Bill Barhydt from Abra, Jack Lu from Wanchain, Saifedean Ammous from The Bitcoin Standard, Karen Shen from Coinsuper, and Xinshu Dong from Ziliqa.

The 2049 Token is the main event and is expected to be attended by up to 2,000 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, and fans. By focusing on the future of crypto and blockchain, more than 100 leaders in the blockchain world will be presented at this event. This event takes place at Hotel Kerry, March 13-14 2019.

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