Cryptocurrency Millionaire: Here are The Top 5 Young Bitcoin Millionaire

We all do agree that cryptocurrency has been a spotlight in recent years. Cryptocurrency is seen as a new way of money or asset. But, there are a lot of controversy about cryptocurrency, whether it is a good one or a bad one. With cryptocurrency, you can multiply your money in one night, but you can also lose half of all of your asset.

There are a lot of successful cryptocurrency millionaire out there, who make their fortune by investing in cryptocurrency or by developing blockchain-based company (support cryptocurrency). This article will take a look at more on young cryptocurrency millionaire who succeeded in exploiting cryptocurrency potential at the age that still considered relatively young.


Kingsley Advani

invest rich in bitcoin


Kingsley Advani find out about Bitcoin in 2012 from his friend and he immediately see the potential of cryptocurrency, even though at that time cryptocurrency is used for illegal transactions. After seeing the true potential of cryptocurrency, he gather $34,000 by selling his personal laptop, headphone, and emptied his bank account for investing in cryptocurrency.

In just six months, with the increase prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Neo, he managed to get his first million in cryptocurrency. From invested all of his savings and his income in cryptocurrency, Kingsley Advani obtain a seven-figure fortune at the age of 24. Now he travels around the world as an blockchain startup adviser and become an angel investor.


Erik Finman

how to rich invest in bitcoin

Erik Finman find potential on cryptocurrency at the age of 12 (it was 2011 back then) from his brother that took him to Occupy Wall Street protest. With his trust in cryptocurrency Finman decided to dropout from school and have a bet with his family, if he can earn his first million dollar before he turn to 18, then he doesn’t have to go to college.

With the $1000 gift from her grandmother, Finman able to sold $100,000 worth of Bitcoin at the age of 15 and started his own online educational business called Botangle. Finally, before he turn to 18, he get his first million dollar, now he is sitting comfortably owning 401 Bitcoins ($2,561,936, at the rate $6,388 per coin) and other cryptocurrencies that he invested in.

Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner - bitcoin investor

It all started in 2013, when Jeremy Gardner find out Bitcoin and cryptocurrency potential. At first he was offered by his friend to pay him not with cash, but with Bitcoin. Stroke by curiosity made Jeremy Gardner do more research about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency (altcoin).

After knowing cryptocurrency potential, Gardner started to invest all of his saving money to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, he called himself “The Bitcoin Booster” for that. Then he started his own blockchain-based company called Augur, that raised $5.3 million on the ICO. It made him a millionaire in the age of 25.


Eddy Zillan

Eddy Zillian Crypto Investor

Eddy Zillan is a teenager from Ohio that discover Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2015, that time he was only 15 years old. After knowing about cryptocurrency, Zillan do some heavy research about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto exchange, crypto forum, trading technique, and many more.

With that knowledge that he got by self-taught, Zillan immediately obtain his fortune by changing his $12,000 investment to over $1 million right now. In his 18 right now. he also focus on other thing in cryptocurrency field right now, which is becoming an advisor for cryptocurrency and managing his own company, Cryptocurrency Financial.


Yifu Guo

rich from bitcoin

Yifu Guo got involved with Bitcoin in 2011 while being a student at New York University. At first he was just doing mining and trading in cryptocurrency, then after getting a lot of profit from cryptocurrency, he decided to drop out from school and build the first application specific integrated circuit(ASIC), it is a hardware technology that used specifically for Bitcoin Mining. From that company called Avalon, at the age of 23, Yifu Guo already claimed a total net worth of $5 million.

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