Why Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t appear

Why Satoshi Nakamoto doesn't appear
Why Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t appear

Satoshi Nakamoto, father of Bitcoin. Everyone knows him, but no one knows the reason why he doesn’t appear. This one below is the most persuasive reason until now

The story of Greek mythology about Prometheus

Prometheus in Greek means Foretought, is the Titan, who stole fire from Gods and give it to humans. With that fire, the human has developed fast and reached many unbelievable achievements
But the Gods was so angry because of Prometheus’s action. Prometheus was tied on a cliff, dry on the sun and rain. And every day, an eagle comes every day to eat his liver, It happens forever and forever

Now we see a new version of Prometheus, he is Satoshi Nakamoto. He “steals money technology” from the Governments, by using blockchain technology and consensus. By that, the human can make the transaction without a central authority/middleman and people can base their trust on consensus algorithms.

Satoshi’s discovery made many powerful people angry, including the finance minister, the central bank, government, and many publishers

Can you guess what happened to Satoshi Nakamoto if he first appeared?

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