Vexanium is launching its MainNet, everything you need to know

Vexanium, a blockchain based company from Indonesia that growing rapidly. The company is planning to launch its blockchain platform, called MainNet. What do you need to know about this? Let’s check out some interesting information

What is MainNet?

If you are new to blockchain, you should know that each blockchain company runs on a blockchain network. It makes the their transactions and data storage are more secure. Most of the company don’t have their own blockchain network, because it required a very good IT team, that can manage and do the new techniques. For now, it’s still very new.

Vexanium is using the network technology from Achain. But in the future, Vexanium plans to use the technology forking theory originating from Achain, called MainNet. Which allows Vexanium to have its own blockchain network outside the blockchain owned by Achain. By using this technology, the company can be more independent in utilizing blockchain technology according to the needs and objectives of the company.

There are 3 main reasons that make why the launch of Mainnet is important for blockchain-based companies, namely:

  • Having its own blockchain network, so it can eliminate the “beta” label from the company
  • Proving the credibility of a company, that the company has turned an idea into a real implementation
  • Enables new blockchain-based projects to run their companies using a side chain from the blockchain company that has launched Mainnet

If talking about the quality of the blockchain network owned by Vexanium, there is no need to doubt, because the transaction speed will be at 1000 TPS (transactions per second). This speed is very fast compared to the transaction speed of Ethereum which is only about 15 TPS. This transaction speed is in accordance with Vexanium needs to engaging in retail and marketing.

With the technological developments that will be carried out by Vexanium, which is headed to Mainnet, Vexanium wants to strengthen its existence as a blockchain-based company from Indonesia which can be a gateway for new blockchain projects to use the blockchain platform from Vexanium. The easy term is Vexanium can be “Ethereum” from Indonesia.








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